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"i found jesus in my roll! - true story!"'s Journal

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1st May 2005

violetsnvalium5:50am: Like, omigod! Someone's cat sicked up some hair, and it looked like Elvis!

Then they sold it on eBay!

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9th June 2002

dirtyheroin11:07am: so this doesnt have to do with food but i thought id post it in here anyways,

my bathroom is sponge-painted and i noticed the other day that there is a perfect, elvis head outline. crazy

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6th June 2002

jayjaydaninja6:14pm: :O
i just drank a bottle of water and whos reflction did i see in the bottle.. not the one and only anika rice in a giant rabbit suit...
Current Mood: angry

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midori5:48pm: dear lord.
shit! i just found the cast of casualty singing in my prozac liquid.
Current Mood: weird

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midori1:16am: crikey o'reily.
i found vanessa feltz eating 73.4 cream cakes inside my pink marshmallow.

needless to say, it was a distressing incident for both myself and vanessa.
Current Mood: scared

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31st May 2002

jayjaydaninja7:32pm: yesss..

yes.. jay leno.... lets discuss... haha

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dirtyheroin1:19am: sadly i have no famous people in my food just yet, but i thought that id point out the the sandwhich jesus also resembles jay leno. maybe jay leno is jesus

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